Glow For It

Glow For It is a 2-day, in-person workshop that introduces the foundational principals of Relationship and Life Mastery. You learn my 8-step world view process that brings understanding and new possibilities in all of your relationships.

 Liberate Your GLOW

Liberate Your GLOW is a 3-month program, 2 hands-on weekends, 11 weeks of individual coaching and 3 group dinner meetings to build skill and community. This program is ideal for individuals who are serious about accelerating their results in all aspects of their lives.

Embody Your GLOW

Embody Your Glow Mastermind is a 1-year mastermind course that underscores the tools, tactics, behaviors and practices that enrich your living experience at a level that is unimaginable. Everything in your life changes for the better and it ripples out into your home and work space, community and beyond.


  • You will receive tools that will propel you towards your relationship vision and goals
  • You will move from taking things personally to living with curiosity
  • You will heighten your connection to yourself and this result alone will positively enhance all of your relationships, creating more intimacy, trust and joy

“When I started Katie’s program, I was ready to take my life on and to let go of my ‘stories’ which I knew were holding me back in my relationships with myself and others. What has resulted is a sense of freedom I could have never imagined and a sense of humor about myself. My triggers are now just a quirky part of me, instead of the emotional land mines they once were.”
-Babs McDonald, Berkeley, CA

“My experience in working with Katie was very profound. . . I learned that there are many different perspectives, and when I choose to see my past in another light, it completely changes how I choose today. Such an amazing lesson that I use daily!”
-Lisa Cannelora, Oakland CA





Katie’s clients have made the choice to:

  • Move from dysfunction to harmony at home and work
  • Move from taking things personally to living with curiosity
  • Respect themselves by standing in their power with confidence and joy
  • Create intimacy, affection and devotion in your primary relationships
  • Raise the standards in their lives by changing their beliefs and stories
  • Live the GLOW principals of Growing, Loving, Opening and Willing

This program will support you in creating healthy, meaningful relationships by discovering who you need to be in order to have what you truly want.

“To work with Katie Macks is an investment in your life that you will continue to receive over and over again. She is able to perceive, to listen deeply, and to intuit so effectively and authentically, that you will grow beyond your wildest imagination. Give yourself a gift of love, and run, don’t walk, to work with this Extraordinary Leadership and Relationship Coach!”
– Chris Berry, Denver CO





Through Collaboration, Contribution and Liberation You Will:

  • Create the most GLOWING year of your life
  • Amplify and accelerate your leadership skills
  • Evolve your inner GLOW and the expression of your outer GLOW
  • Free yourself up to live and own your GLOW
  • Put your glowful legacy into practice
  • Watch the miracles increase in your GLOWING life
  • Contribute your GLOW to the world
  • Embody your soul’s full expression through inspiration, joy and excitement

“Katie is the real deal, she’s my female version of Tony Robbins. She helped me find the way to emerge as a true person in this world. From insight to practice to habit working with Katie inspires. The work is deep and creates radical change beyond what I ever imagined. Consider a person going in thinking he just needed to figure out a way to schedule his daily exercise a little better.  On the other end is life in transformation.”  
-Steve Swearengen, Oakland CA