Mastermind Project – The Glowbal Joy Movement

glowbuljoyWelcome to GLOWbal Joy

(A movement created by the 2016 Embody Your Glow Mastermind Community, Visionaries Rising)

GLOWbal Joy is a movement that anyone who wants to connect, spread joy and happiness in the world, can join.

How to Spread GLOWbal Joy

A GLOWbal Movement

We stand for the possibility that each one of us has the power to spread love and joy, and it is up to YOU to choose how you show up in the world. The people around you feel your energy, so make it positive!

Pay It Forward!

If you haven’t been handed a GLOWbal Joy card by someone, you can still participate!

1. Tell an innocent joke.

2. Give a hug.

3. Give a compliment.

Download Artwork – Print Your Own Cards

Click HERE to download printable artwork. Make your own GLOWbal Joy cards to create a ripple effect of joy in your own community. Then come back and read stories from all around the globe.



The Visionaries Rising Manifesto

  • People all over the world to communicate from the heart, with neutrality, vulnerability, respect and curiosity
  • The norm in all negotiations is to start from curiosity and collaboration until all parties are in alignment
  • People all over the world to take personal responsibility for the results in their lives (relationally, ecologically, economically, etc.)
  • Commitment to healing the world
  • Acknowledgement that there is enough for all of us, so we must share
  • The WE generation has emerged and leads with humility
  • People cherish each other, even when their opinions differ
  • To spread joy in the world