mastermind program

Give Yourself the Gift of an in-person one-year Glowing Mastermind Program. You will embody your GLOW and learn to master a new way of being and doing in the world—deepening GLOW into your personal and business life.

Through this commitment to yourself you will:

  • Create the most GLOWING year of your life
  • Amplify and accelerate your awareness and awakeness
  • Evolve your inner GLOW and the expression of your outer GLOW
  • Free yourself up to live and own your GLOW
  • Put your glowful legacy into practice
  • Watch the miracles increase in your GLOWING life
  • Contribute your GLOW to the world
  • Embody your soul’s full expression through inspiration, fun and excitement

“My experience in working with Katie was very profound. In a one-day workshop she was able to connect a group of women to their core. I learned that there are many different perspectives, and when I choose to see my past in another light, it completely changes how I choose today. Such an amazing lesson that I use daily!”
—Lisa Cannelora

Glowing Features

Meet in person monthly for a 3/4 day of embodying your glow.

Explore monthly topics which will include both a deeper dive into what you learned and practiced in liberating your glow and new topics to enhance, enliven, and embody your glow.

Evolve your glow monthly group calls.

Receive a 1-hour coaching call with me every other month.

Rely on a glow accountability buddy system that profoundly deepens and supports you in unimaginable ways.

Create an exciting community glow project to glow up yourself, our community and the world.

Please contact me for more information!!

Ready to master your glow?



Pay in 12  Installments