Let’s Change The World Together!


 Get Your Glow On engages and ignites growth-oriented individuals to live authentic and energy rich lives, claiming LIBERATION for all of humanity through love and connection.


 About Katie:

Katie is known for her heart centered and powerful commitment to her clients. She sees what’s unseen and hears what’s not being said. Katie offers a bright light and new language to identify and reveal the blind spots that trip us up and keep us in familiar cycles of pain and dysfunction.

After 30 years in the human potential movement Katie has cracked the code for living an Extraordinary and Glow-full life. She has learned from, and trained with the masters, and has now developed tools, tactics, behaviors and practices that are not taught anywhere else. Katie’s secret sauce is her love and dedication to her clients. She creates a deep level of trust and journeys with them into their awakening, creating an accountable and liberated life where everything changes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Katie’s clients have made the choices to:

  • Move from dysfunction to harmony at home and work
  • Move from taking things personally to living with curiosity
  • Respect themselves by standing in their power with confidence and joy
  • Create affection, intimacy and devotion in their primary relationships
  • Raise the standards in their lives by changing their beliefs and stories
  • Live the GLOW principals of Growing, Loving, Opening and Willing

Katie’s clients are no longer willing to live in pain or lack or to let their circumstances determine their choices and outcomes. They are no longer willing to put off their dreams for more love, connection, freedom, joy, expansion, abundance, financial freedom and seeing the bigger picture of what’s possible in their lives and in the world. They understand that yesterday is already to late.


The cost to your life when you don’t have your GLOW is more than you know


Let’s Explore Together! 

I invite you to take the next step to have a private strategy call to assess your specific transformational opportunities, what you want and how fast you want it. This is based on your schedule, not mine, it can be as fast as you’re ready to accelerate your results. Let’s explore, magnifying you because your greatness is waiting to be discovered, your magnificence is just around the corner!!